ancillary equipment for shaftless paper unwind stands

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Ancillary Equipment- Shaftless Unwind Stands

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Dancer Units


Modular dancer assemblies for precise tension control or speed control are available. Standard units available, however in all cases these units must be engineered to the specifics of the application.

Splice Tables

We offer basic splice tables to assist with roll changeover. Everyone can use a set of extra hands. We are completely flexible to accommodate your individual needs for a splice table.

Carry Over Structures

Sometimes you need help getting the web to where it needs to go. These structures accommodate not only idlers but skew rollers, load cell locations, and fresh tag end delivery.

Some of our structures provide a way to load the inactive stations while other rolls are active. Tag end delivery is available to the splice point by passing the active roll. This makes for quick changeovers.

Side Loading Roll Carts

Unwinds that are capable of being side loaded can benefit greatly from an above or below floor level cart trolley and track. We can help you get your rolls into position quickly.

Tension Control

Load cell, diameter based and dancer based tension control options available. For unwinds traditional braked systems still lead the way but spindle driven is becoming more common place.

Edge Guide

For edge guiding we usually guide the entire unwind or rewind machine. In some cases a steering guide is more appropriate. Steering guides are usually independent modules. In some cases we can integrate steering into other planned framework.