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Please quote for the following application:
 Model EP Shaftless unwind(s) 
 Model EP Junior Shaftless unwind(s) 
 Model DU Dual position Shaftless unwind(s) 
Maximum roll diameter (inches)
Maximum roll width (inches)
Minimum roll width (inches)
Maximum roll weight (lb)
Maximum line speed (fpm)
Core inside diameter(s)
 3 in. 
 4 in. 
 5 in. 
 6 in. 
 7 in. 
 8 in. 
 10 in. 
 12 in. 
 14 in. 
 16 in. 
Do you wish to reuse your cores?
Tension requirement (if known)
Heaviest grade of material to be run:
Material Being Unwound
Type of Process
 Die cutting 
Requested Options
 Edge guiding 
 Remote Left/right (Side-lay) control switch to be located by customer 
 Exit idler roller (one)
 Two exit idler rollers 
 Open loop ultrasonic tension control 
 closed loop tension control with load cells 
 Motorized lateral movement for loading in aisle (for multiple stands), EP, EP junior 
 Surface drive unit, Model GB 

For spindle driven unwinds or rewinds OR for dancer units please call as these require special attention.
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